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    Starts from
    199. /month
    • Insights and analytics
    • 250 sessions
    • Custom branding
    • Unlimited exit surveys
    • Unlimited custom offers
    • Unlimited cancellation flows
    • Unlimited audiences
    • Playbook templates
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Customer sessions
Sessions 250 Unlimited
Churn Trends
Offer Insights
Real-time Alerts
Customer Activity Feed
Build Custom Surveys Unlimited Unlimited
Create Custom Responses Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Branding
Custom Survey Metadata
Custom End Screens Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Cancellation Messages Unlimited Unlimited
Create Custom Audiences Unlimited Unlimited
Default Audience
Audiences By Plan Type
Audiences By Billing Intervals
Audiences By Subscription Age
Audiences By Subscription Status
Audiences By Coupon Code
Audiences By Location
Audiences By Metadata
Cancellation Flows
Create Cancellation Flows Unlimited Unlimited
Flow Audiences
Flow Surveys
Flow Survey Randomisation
Skip Surveys
Flow Offers Unlimited Unlimited
Single Flow Offers
Actions Based On Responses
Split A/B Offers Tests
End Screens
Flow Messages
Flow Previews
JavaScript code
Secure API Integration
Third Party Integration
Business Settings
Invite Teammates
Security Login Audit

Upzelo for Enterprise.

Additional premium services for businesses of any size.

“We love Upzelo.”

Our customers love how easy it is to design and publish a cancellation flow on their site.

    • We have seen a significant reduction in churn and getting better insights into why customers leave.

      Ryon Mereboer
      CEO, Rylee.nl
    • Since we set up Upzelo we have seen a marked improvement in our clients churn rate and a growth in their net revenue.

      Source: Capterra
      CEO, Marketing Agency
    • I loved the support we got in setting everything up and had any questions answered very quickly.

      Noa Lupa
      Customer Succcess Manager, Planable
    • We had the whole system set up in a matter of minutes and saw our first "Upzelo" saved customer within a few days.

      Source: Capterra
      CTO, SaaS
    • We have obtained more precise insights into why customers leave, allowing us to optimise critical aspects of our product.

      Milagros Martínez
      Operations Director, Scoolinary
    • Audiences allow us to treat specific groups of customers in a specific way for maximum results.

      Giovanni Bottan
      CEO, Smart Noise