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Reduce churn.
Grow customer retention.

Create personalised cancellation flows that delight customers, increase retention
and save you money.

Integrates seamlessly with:

What is Upzelo?

Upzelo works wonders for subscription businesses, helping them tackle churn, increase revenue, and delve into the reasons as to why customers leave. Effortlessly take automated actions to boost LTV, supercharge your revenue growth, and save valuable time along the way. Say goodbye to churn and hello to success with Upzelo!

How Upzelo works.

Explore the simple steps that your customers will go through when experiencing Upzelo.


Clicking cancel launches customers into your cancel flow powered by Upzelo.


Your customers enter their personalised cancel flow designed to win them back.


Offers, deflections and other actions are presented to targeted audiences.


Automated workflows make it easy to track activities across multiple channels.


Simple dashboards that help you take action and retain more customers.

We guarantee you'll see a clear, immediate ROI.

Reduce churn by up to 40%.
Supercharge your cancellation process by leveraging incentives, A/B testing, exit surveys, customer audiences and insightful reporting. Say goodbye to prolonged churn and start reducing it within days, not months!
Seamless integration.
Bringing Upzelo into your workflow is a piece of cake! All you have to do is add a script to your cancel button and customise your perfect cancellation flow with our intuitive drag-and-drop tool. It's super easy!
3-10x ROI in 30-days
Uncover the valuable insights behind your customers' cancellation decisions and witness tangible ROI in just 30 short days. Get ready to experience a whole new level of customer retention!
Upzelo - reduce your customer chrun - product dashboard
Rylee.nl logo - Upzelo customer

“Upzelo has been a great tool for us. We have seen a significant reduction in churn and getting better insights into why customers leave. We're taking these learnings and optimising our retention strategies to reduce churn even further. I'm looking forward to seeing how it improves over time.”

Ryon Mereboer
CEO, Rylee.nl

We 💕 numbers.

Our customers have seen an average 35% drop in customer churn, in just 4 weeks. Stop losing customers and start building relationships with Upzelo.

Numbers speak louder than words.

Acquiring new customers can cost x5 more than keeping an existing customer.


Return on investment in 4 weeks.


Average reduction in customer churn.


Average monthly revenue saved, on a $430 monthly account (USD).

“We love Upzelo.”

Our customers love how easy it is to design and publish a cancellation flow on their site.

    • We have seen a significant reduction in churn and getting better insights into why customers leave.

      Ryon Mereboer
      CEO, Rylee.nl
    • Since we set up Upzelo we have seen a marked improvement in our clients churn rate and a growth in their net revenue.

      Source: Capterra
      CEO, Marketing Agency
    • I loved the support we got in setting everything up and had any questions answered very quickly.

      Noa Lupa
      Customer Succcess Manager, Planable
    • We had the whole system set up in a matter of minutes and saw our first "Upzelo" saved customer within a few days.

      Source: Capterra
      CTO, SaaS
    • We have obtained more precise insights into why customers leave, allowing us to optimise critical aspects of our product.

      Milagros Martínez
      Operations Director, Scoolinary
    • Audiences allow us to treat specific groups of customers in a specific way for maximum results.

      Giovanni Bottan
      CEO, Smart Noise