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Customer analytics

Dive into the data and uncover interesting Insights about your subscribers.

Customer KPIs including Average revenue per user, Gross retention rate and horizontal bar chart for Top 5 products

The customer is the focus of everything we do

Businesses thrive on knowledge and Insights. The more we know about our customers the more innovative our products and services can become. Customer analysis is vital for every business to understand their customers better and provide better products and services to them in return.

Customer analytics including High value customers at 60% of 30,000 with Average lifetime value 14 months and pie chart with cancellation reasons

Get an insiders view into your customer lifetime value

With Insights, you can explore average revenue per account (ARPA), lifetime value (LTV), account revenue and customer churn rate to see how well each product is performing.

Customer lifetime value and average account revenue churn KPIs with stacked bar chart for MRR breakdown and Enterprise tier price increase for new features tooltip

The customer Insights you need, when you need them

Insight is a flexible data tool, allowing you to easily prepare your metrics and see them in a whole new way. Compare your customer growth metrics against similar subscription businesses, understand which actions grow customers and see how your business stacks up against competitors.

Stacked bar chart with line for Customer growth rate and benchmark comparison followed by Gross retention rate and product revenue KPIs

Top customer data points

We'll pull out the most relevant data points and use them to help you understand your customers.


Keep track of the size of your active, paying customer base over time.


Analyse how the average amount of revenue you're taking from each customer changes over time.

Avg. LTV

Lifetime value provides you with the average total amount of revenue from a customer.

Churn rate

The percentage of customers who leave a company in a given time period.


The gross revenue retention is used to understand how well your business retains its customers.

Growth rate

We use this measurement to look at how much your business has grown from period to period.

Upzelo integrates seamlessly with your workflows

Simply import your subscription data to get set up with Upzelo. Integrate directly with your subscription billing platform, or build your own solution with our Import API.

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