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Get to know your business
Insights in real-time

Remove the guesswork from your subscription analytics. With Insights, you have everything you need to make smart and quick decisions.

Insights, revenue and churn analytics overview metrics

Get analytics on what's working, what's not and why

Monitor key metrics in real-time, including revenue, growth, customer and churn data. All of your information is organised neatly into dashboards so you can easily understand how well things are performing.

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Data is everywhere, and it exists in many forms

The Insights overview dashboard is an easy way to quickly understand your subscription business data. It highlights key metrics like cancellations, revenues, churn and revenue per user over a given period of time.

Insights overview KPIs with retention rate line

Benchmark your data to companies in similar industries

Each breakdown graph shows trends in your business over time. You can compare against other companies and industries within the same chart to see how you're performing. Learn what's working, what needs improvement and what you should focus on next.

Net revenue retention rate line compared to benchmark with KPIs

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Key Insight features

Upzelo can help your company retain and grow in all sorts of ways.


Your dashboard highlights a set of data-driven Insights that help guide and grow your business.


Monthly recurring revenue is a metric that measures the amount of subscription fees you're generating during each month.


The amount of money your company brings in annually from subscriptions, memberships and licensing fees.

Active customers

Those who have subscribed to your subscription services and continue to use them.

Churn analysis

Understand customers who may be leaving and why, so that you can address their problems.


Analyse how the average amount of revenue you're taking from each customer changes over time.


How much a customer is worth over the length of their relationship with your subscription business.

Growth rate

Subscription growth is a simple way to get a percentage of how fast customers are subscribing to your service.

Retention analytics

Leverage data to understand what leads to customer churn and help grow retention and LTV.