Cancellation flows built around your business

Designed to retain more customers with no-code to install.

Upzelo Dashboard

Upzelo works with your current methods of cancellation.

We’ve listened to subscription businesses worldwide and seen the different methods used to manage customers looking to cancel. Upzelos' extensive features help you save more customers who are looking to cancel their subscription or membership service.

Churn Reduction
Cheaper To Retain
Cancellation Deflections

Self service

If your business operates a 'self service' style of cancellation, Upzelo can quickly and easily be installed to replace your current cancellation button. You can either launch Upzelo within your current platform, or direct customers to your very own custom URL.

An illustration showing a website with the Upzelo exit modal open. It offers the user 20% off for 3 months


For businesses that prefer to engage with cancellations via email, Upzelo can fit right into your workflows. Upzelo can be injected directly into emails and then present surveys, offers and/or deflection messages, so you can save hours of work.

A screenshot of a companies email inbox

Chat & Social

Although live chat and social media might not be your business's only method for cancellation requests, sometimes customers like to contact you via these channels. Upzelo enables you to integrate with customers looking to cancel via live chat (such as Intercom), or social media direct messages.

A screenshot of a companies live-chat interface
A man with a headset on his head


If your team handles cancelling customers via phone calls, you can now use Upzelo to manage your cancellation process. The agent view within Upzelo ensures your customer support team are delivering consistent cancellation flows and making the best offers over the phone

Connect your favourite
tools with ease...

Upzelo has been built to integrate with your existing tools and workflows to ensure your data is as rich as possible while staying totally secure.

A circle with the logos of tools Upzelo connects with; Stripe, Shopify, Recharge, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack, Zapier, Intercom