Data that’s ready when you are

Upzelo’s simple dashboard makes it quick and easy to see and share performance data.

Illustration of a web browser showing the Upzelo dashboard. The stats read; 'Customers saved: 568', 'Flows delivered: 237', 'Success rate: 45%'

Quickly spot and act on trends

Analyse customer behaviour and respond faster with month-on-month cancellation data.

Illustration of the Upzelo cancellation modal and performance dashboard, alongside a man in a red shirt and a flat cap

Identify your top-performers

Find out which offers drive higher retention with accurate, real-time performance data.

A graph showing an example of 'highest performing offers', such as; 10% for 2 months, 1 month free, 5% for 3 months

Alerts how and when you want them

Get the most important updates as they happen. Set your performance alerts to arrive on email or Slack as customers cancel, accept offers or your performance levels change.

Illustration of a Slack and email app icons. The Slack icon has a badge to show there is a new notification

Get the activity overview

Check all the activity across your cancellation flows with Upzelo’s live activity feed. Track times and dates when cancellation activity happens.

An illustration of the Upzelo interface. Showing a list of users titled 'Weekly subscribers'