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Analyse in real-time.

Retention analytics allows you to understand how customers behave, how they feel and why they are leaving. These insights help you take action to drive higher LTV.

Upzelo Insights

Number crunching.

With in-depth, real-time cancellation data, analyse customer behaviour and apply learnings across your business to increase retention performance.

Upzelo Insights
Upzelo Insights
Upzelo Insights
Upzelo Insights
Scoolinary - Upzelo customer

“So far, Upzelo has been great at getting our churn rate down. As a result, we have obtained more precise insights into why customers leave, allowing us to optimise critical aspects of our product.”

Milagros Martínez
Operations Director, Scoolinary

Top Insight features.

Analytical features that help you deliver the best customer retention experiences.

Saved vs lost customers

See the number of customers saved vs. lost, by time period.

Revenue saved

Watch your revenue grow as retention builds.

Cancellation reasons

Quick snapshot of your major cancellation problems.

Product feedback

Understand the top reasons as to why customers are leaving.

Custom alerts

Get personalised alerts on email and your favourite messaging apps.

Split A/B test

See which offers work best directly from your dashboard.

Customer watchlist

Keep a close eye on customers who cancel or decide to stay after the cancellation experience.

Side-by-side comparison

Analyse your flow offers, billing changes and deflections in a comparison view.

Real-time view

Monitor cancellation experiences and their effect on revenue KPIs as they happen.

Explore Upzelo.

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