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Custom branding

Customise and style your cancellation experience to match your brand.

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A Cancellation offer We’d like to offer you 10% off your next bill with Bones & Delights sample pet store branding
Install button in front of Cancellation flow branded offer examples in a web browser and mobile

Using Upzelo is easy and intuitive

It is super easy to add Upzelo cancellation flow to your product or service. You can either have a modal/pop-up window, or direct customers to your own custom URL. We have the code ready for you.

Your brand is the face of your business

As a nice touch, you can customise Upzelo to match your brand and style by changing the colour theme and uploading your logo. This makes your customers feel good knowing that they're still interacting with the same business that they originally subscribed to.

A drag and drop zone for uploading a logo, and colour theme selection dots with a preview of the Cancellation survey by it’s side

Top branding features

Feature the special touches that make your business unique.


Install Upzelo in a matter of minutes.

Logo upload

Customise your delivery with your own logo.


You can update the colour and theme of your Flows to match your brand.