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customer retention.

Reduce customer churn by creating personalised cancellation flows that delight customers and increase retention.

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Insights, Retention and Cancellations dashboards with MRR, Active customer, Cancellation reasons, Retention Rate KPIs surrounded by examples of cancellation flows, Surveys and payment integrations

Tools to help grow retention and revenue

Your business deserves the best tools. That's why we offer so many features in our software to help you achieve your goals.

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    Create your account and start your FREE trial. Invite teammates to help connect and integrate Upzelo into your software or website.

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    Obtain real-time subscription analytics, insights and benchmarks. Set up alerts to notify you via email or Slack when a particular event takes place.

    Subscription analytics overview with KPIs for MRR, Active customers and a partially hidden bar chart showing breakdown of MRR
  • Step 3

    Segment your customers into audiences, create surveys, build offers and deliver fully-branded customer flow experiences that increase retention.

    Example of a cancellation flow with Audience at the top, leading to a Bi-monthly billing survey, 10% off next bill and finishing with a Confirmation message

Upzelo integrates seamlessly with your workflows

Upzelo has been built to integrate with your existing tools and workflows. Whether you prefer to engage with customers by phone, email, chat or online, Upzelo can help you save more customers by connecting with our native integrations and connections.

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Acquiring new customers can cost x5 more than keeping an existing customer

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customers and increasing your revenue.

Built to suit different subscription business models

Most subscription business models are similar; however, each industry requires its own set of features. Within Upzelo's retention software platform, you can build experiences that are specifically designed to match how your business operates. These models include SaaS, e-commerce, subscription boxes, memberships and digital content.