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Build personalised audiences.

Segment your customers into different audiences based on a whole range of criteria.

Upzelo Customers

Drive retention.

Build personalised audiences based on your customers' data and get creative with the power to link them to the right cancellation experience at the right time.

Upzelo Customers
Upzelo Customers
Upzelo Customers
Upzelo Customers
Scoolinary - Upzelo customer

“So far, Upzelo has been great at getting our churn rate down. As a result, we have obtained more precise insights into why customers leave, allowing us to optimise critical aspects of our product.”

Milagros Martínez
Operations Director, Scoolinary

Top features.

Top Customer features to help you deliver the best customer retention experiences.


Gain full visibility into your customer retention data.

Assigned flows

See exactly what cancellation experience your customers will see.

Customer metrics

Real-time customer subscription status.

Custom Audiences

Segments customers and deliver personalised experiences.

Plan type

Select customers by the product(s) they subscribe to.

Billing interval

Treat customers billed annually differently to weekly/monthly subscriptions.

Subscription age

Extend LTV by target long-standing customers differently to new ones.

Trial or paid plan

Prevent trials from lapsing, with offers before upgrade.

Metadata values

Select customers using any custom data of your choice.

Explore Upzelo.

Upzelo is an all-in-one customer retention platform that helps brands build relationships, reduce churn and increase revenue.