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ROI Calculator

See how Upzelo can provide a return on your investment by retaining more customers.


Assumes a typical save rate of 25%, and that 50% of customers saved stay for 12 months.

Revenue saved

Estimated revenue retained over 12 months

Get started today...

  • Step 1

    Create your account and start your FREE trial. Invite teammates to help connect and integrate Upzelo into your software or website.

    Create account button on an example signup screen
  • Step 2

    Obtain real-time subscription analytics, insights and benchmarks. Set up alerts to notify you via email or Slack when a particular event takes place.

    Subscription analytics overview with KPIs for MRR, Active customers and a partially hidden bar chart showing breakdown of MRR
  • Step 3

    Segment your customers into audiences, create surveys, build offers and deliver fully-branded customer flow experiences that increase retention.

    Example of a cancellation flow with Audience at the top, leading to a Bi-monthly billing survey, 10% off next bill and finishing with a Confirmation message

The best tools to drive loyalty, retention & lifetime value

The importance of customer retention is often overlooked by subscription companies. The reality is, if you don't retain your customers, you will never achieve meaningful growth. Upzelo provides tools to help you build a better product, better marketing and retain more customers to ensure your business keeps growing.