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With a simple and secure integration following our implementation guide you can target and survey cancelling customers to help you understand the root cause of churn and improve your products.

Woocommerce and Upzelo

Connect your Woocommerce account with Upzelo

Analyse subscribe & save revenue

Check out your store's subscription product performance and obtain real-time Insights into why customers are cancelling, the revenue you're saving and the offers which are performing well and saving customers.

Take action against churn

Build beautiful customer flow experiences that reflect your brand's design, quality, messaging and offers. Then, target subscribers with personalised offers and content to persuade them to stay.

Installation in minutes

Our implementation guide will take you through some simple steps to integrate cancellation flow in your storefront. You'll be up and running in no time at all.

Data points

  • MRR: Monthly recurring revenue

  • ARR: Annual run rate

  • ARPA: Avg. revenue per Account

  • NRR: % Net revenue retention

  • % MRR growth rate

  • ASP: Avg. selling price

  • LTV: Avg. lifetime value

  • Net MRR

  • New MRR

  • ARC: Avg. account revenue churn

  • Upgrades and expansion revenue

  • Downgrades, refunds and churn

  • MRR by products / plans

  • No. of active customers

  • % Customer churn rate

  • % Revenue churn rate

  • New and lost customers

  • MRR churn

  • Customers saved / cancelled

  • Customer abandoned flows

  • Revenue saved

  • Offers by revenue saved

  • % Save rate

  • Winning offers from split tests

  • Cancellation reasons

  • Customer survey responses

  • Customer value scores