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Revenue analytics

Actionable Insights to drive revenue growth.

Net revenue retention rate line compared to benchmark with KPIs

Revenue stats at your fingertips

With the recurring revenue dashboard, you'll always have a clear overview of your monetary stats. It's quick and easy to filter through weeks, months and years to find the Insights that matter most to your business.

Revenue overview with date filter and MRR stacked bar chart with retention rate line

Explore and visualise your data

Deep dive into your revenue analytics, including MRR, ARR and Net MRR. You'll also get recurring revenue breakdowns that show the makeup of your top-level revenue.

Revenue KPIs deep dive into ARR, MRR and Net MRR

Easily get a breakdown of your data

You need to know your MRR. We've made it easy with the MRR Breakdown chart, which quickly shows you your monthly recurring revenue from new, existing and upgraded customers, plus refunds and churn rate.

Stacked MRR breakdown bar chart with line and existing customer expansion tooltip

Key revenue stats

Discover the top revenue analytics within Insights.


MRR is the monthly recurring revenue your business earns from subscriptions with customers.


ARR measures the amount of money brought in by a company on an annual basis.


Net MRR Represents all MRR movements in the month, without including the existing customer base.

MRR growth rate

The difference between your current MRR and the previous MRR and dividing it by your former MRR.


Refunds are a key metric to watch as they can have a significant impact on retention rates.


A measure of how much revenue a company retains from its customers on a net basis, after accounting for churn.

Upzelo integrates seamlessly with your workflows

Simply import your subscription data to get set up with Upzelo. Integrate directly with your subscription billing platform, or build your own solution with our Import API.

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