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Churn analytics

Get a 360 view of your retention and churn.

Stacked MRR breakdown bar chart with line and existing customer expansion tooltip

Churn analysis is vital for every business

Use the Churn Insights dashboard to quickly find and visualise the data that matters most to your business. Get a clear overview of your churn stats and use filters like week and month to get more in-depth analysis.

Churn analytics week over week comparison of Churn and Lost customer KPIs

Analyse and visualise your churn data

Explore the inner workings of your churn analytics and get a deep dive into the makeup of your top-level numbers. You'll also see how each category, including MRR churn, average account revenue churn, revenue churn rate and lost customers is contributing to your overall performance.

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Navigate your churn data with ease

Churn sucks, but it doesn't need to. We'll analyse your churn so you can see where it's coming from and take action. Our Churn Breakdown chart quickly shows you the monthly recurants churn, downgrades, refunds and churn.

Churn breakdown stacked bar chart with line for Retention rate and Downgrades, Avg. Revenue churn KPIs

Key churn stats

Check out our top churn analytics in Insights.

MRR Churn

The total amount of lost MRR based on churn that occurred during the period.

Avg. revenue churn (AVR)

The ARC helps you track whether you're churning high or low value customers during the period.

Revenue churn rate

Revenue churn rate expresses your customer churn rate as a monetary value.

Lost customers

The number of customers in the measuring period that have churned.


The number of customers who downgrade their subscription to a lower paid tier, such as from Gold to Silver.


Refunds are a key metric to watch as they can have a significant impact on retention rates.

Upzelo integrates seamlessly with your workflows

Simply import your subscription data to get set up with Upzelo. Integrate directly with your subscription billing platform, or build your own solution with our Import API.

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