Get closer to your customers

Customised surveys get you the insight you need to improve your business.

An illustration showing the Upzelo cancellation popup and 3 'responses'; 'Shipping and handling', 'Its too expensive', 'I dont need it anymore'

Get better product insights

Upzelo surveys all cancelling customers to help you understand the root cause of churn and improve your products.

An illustration showing a list of users and a pie chart with the number 48% in the middle

Create surveys as unique as your business

Choose from prebuilt surveys based on data from subscription businesses around the world, or customise with your own cancellation reasons.

An illustration showing multiple Upzelo cancellation popups, each in a different color

Make it a good goodbye

Simple cancellation experiences make customers more likely to return and recommend your business. Upzelo’s exit experience helps customers cancel and feed back with as little friction as possible.

Three smiling people

Smarter than spreadsheets

Upzelo brings your cancellation reasons into a simple dashboard, to help you easily share your insights with marketing, product and support teams.

Performance dashboard
An illustration showing the Upzelo performance tracking graphs. Including a pie chart for 'Cancellation reasons'