Create the perfect customer flow

Build delightful cancellation experiences that exceed your business and customers’ needs.

An illustration showing a website with the Upzelo exit modal open. It offers the user 20% off for 3 months

Customer experiences that are as unique as your customers

Upzelo provides you with guidance on offers, surveys and customer flows, however you can customise them all to suit your unique
business challenges.

An illustration showing 4 cards being assembled to create a customer flow in the Upzelo platform

Serve the right offers to
the right customers

Sometimes one offer is not appropriate for every cancellation, so you can select a different offer for each of the reasons people are thinking of cancelling.

An illustration showing the Upzelo exit modal. It offers the user 20% off for 3 months

Learn which offers work most effectively

If you’re not sure which retention offers are most effective for your customers you can test offers against each other to see which ones retain the most customers.

An illustration showing 2 offers each next to a different person

Combining customer flows with audiences for greater retention

You can build different customer flows for each of your audiences, ensuring that your customers get the most personalised experience and you find the most effective retention tactics.

An illustration showing 2 different Customer Flows, one for 'Monthly customers' and another for 'Weekly customers'