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Reduce churn now.

Build simple, yet powerful cancellation flows that retain customers, reduce churn by up to 40% and increase profitability.

Upzelo Cancellation flows

The 🤩 factor.

Upzelo enables you to retain and save customers by delivering the best experience to the right audience. Cancellation flows are designed to focus on simplicity, ease of use and delight.

Upzelo Cancellation flows
Upzelo Cancellation flows
Upzelo Cancellation flows
Upzelo Cancellation flows
Planable - Upzelo customer

“Upzelo has been great in helping us get more insight into our customers and offering a tailored cancellation experience. I loved the support we got in setting everything up and had any questions answered very quickly.”

Noa Lupa
Customer Succcess Manager, Planable

Top features

Top Cancellation flow features that help you deliver the best customer retention experiences.

Flow designs

Create new or select from previously created flows.


Deliver the best flow to specific audience segments.


Select from a range of different cancellation flow experiences.


Navigate users away from cancellation flows, especially during cancellation.


A wide range of pre-created cancellation flows.


Ask the right questions at the right time with custom surveys.

Offer types

Personalised offers that work for individual customers.

Split A/B test

Test and compare two offers to find out which one performs the best.

Extra protection

Your flows will conform with local consumer laws such as CARL (US), CCPA (CA), CRA (UK).

Explore Upzelo.

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