Power your growth with targeted experiences

Get closer to your customers by building data-driven audiences.

An illustration of the Upzelo platform showing a list of offers and the option to add another

Improve retention with custom audiences

Get targeted with your retention tactics by creating audiences for your different customer types. Use your customers’ traits to build bespoke flows around them.

An illustration showing 3 ways to segment your audience; 'Plan type', 'Billing interval', 'Subscription age'

A data-driven approach to building audiences

You can build custom audiences around multiple data-points. From which plan a customer is on, to how long they have been subscribed for. You pick the conditions and the values.

An illustration showing a series of coloured circles, some are gray and others are yellow. It reads '67% share of customer base'

Lifetime value meets real-time data

Build audiences using Upzelo’s customer scoring system. The realtime scoring engine calculates key commercial factors, like subscription length, total spend and discounts offered, so you can see which subscribers really are the most valuable.

An illustration showing a man in front for a line graph going from $59 to $79. A caption reads 'High value customer'