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It's time to take Action.

Create the building blocks of your customer retention campaigns.

Upzelo Actions

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Actions are at the core of Upzelo. Enabling you to build and construct a wide range of outcomes that can be served dynamically to your customers during every cancellation flow, tailored to each customer's situation.

Upzelo Actions
Upzelo Actions
Upzelo Actions
Upzelo Actions
Smart Noise - Upzelo customer

“We love how Upzelo, it's like magic! The platform enables us to deliver a personal experience to our customers during their cancellations. Audiences allow us to treat specific groups of customers in a specific way for maximum results.”

Giovanni Bottan
CEO, Smart Noise

Top Action features

Top features that help you deliver the best customer retention experiences.


Build surveys to understand why customers are looking to cancel.

Custom categories

Get a high-level overview as to why customers are cancelling.

Dynamic content

Personalised and easy-to-understand content that is relevant to your customer's needs.


Keep your subscribers engaged with dynamic content.

Discount offers

Create one-time, forever or repeating discounts.

Free period

Offer customers free access to your service.


Instead of cancelling, customers can pause their subscriptions.

Switch plan

Customers can select and migrate to a more suitable plan.


We make it easy to skip a billing period and return at any time.


Divert customers with a loss aversion, testimonial or customer support block.

Support calls

Offer customer support calls to help with complex needs.

Live chat

Integrate your live chat to jump in and help save a customer in real time.

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Customer retention is one of the most challenging yet essential aspects of running a successful business. With Upzelos' customer retention platform, you can start saving customers as soon as you activate your account.