Meet Upzelo

Intelligent retention tactics for
businesses with phone, email or
online cancellations.

  • Build surveys
  • Create retention offers
  • Define target audiences
  • Customise your customer flows
  • Discover insights using dashboards
Illustration of Upzelo's Performance dashboard

Want to see Upzelo in action?

Exit surveys

Use quick survey templates or create your
own to find out why subscribers want to leave.

See how surveys get you closer to customers
A bar graph showing reasons for cancellations grouped by category

Retention offers

Create offers for customers who want to cancel – pick from pre-made offers or build your own.

See how retention offers reduce cancellations
Three cards, each showing a different 'offer' category

Targeted audiences

Reduce churn by tailoring experiences to
different types of subscribers.

See the power of custom audiences
Two cards, each showing a different ‘audience‘ category

Customer flows

Create great customer experiences with flows that are as unique as your subscribers.

See how flows work
An illustration of Upzelos Customer Flow builder

Performance dashboards

Track offers, cancellation trends and customer value scores in a simple, shareable dashboard.

See performance dashboards up close
An illustration of Upzelos Performance Dashboard. A feed of customer activity and 2 line graphs showing ‘Revenue Saved‘ is on the rise