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Reduce churn by customising experiences to different types of subscribers.

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Custom audience filters including Plan type, Billing interval, Customer score, Subscription age, Location and Metadata values

Improve retention with custom audiences

Creating a personalised experience for your customers will increase retention and lead your customers to their next point of engagement. By building audiences with clear definitions and use cases, you'll be able to create retention-focused flows, which keep your coming back for more.

A data-driven approach to building audiences

Custom audiences help you segment your customers. You can build custom audiences around multiple data points like their plan type, how long they have been subscribed for, the number of purchases they have made or custom metadata. The possibilities are endless – you pick the conditions, we'll do the rest!

Create new audience button with sample customer segments including Pro plan, Weekly, 3 months, Score: 87% and California

Where LTV meets customer health scores

We use an advanced customer scoring system to help you build audiences, based on their commercial value. Health scores give you real-time insight into who your customers are, so that you keep the most valuable ones and win new ones, without wasting time and resources on those who cost a lot.

High value and Low value customer comparison KPIs with Average selling price, above a colourful Recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) horizontal bar chart

Top audience features

We have compiled some of our most popular audience features.

Plan type

Select customers by the product they subscribe to.

Billing interval

Select customers by their billing interval.

Subscription age

Select customers by how long they've been subscribed.

Customer score

Select customers by their customer value score

Trial or paid plan

Select customers by their subscription status.

Metadata values

Select customers using custom metadata.