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Upzelo surveys all cancelling customers to help you understand the root cause of churn.

Colourful donut chart with top cancellation reasons including price and product surrounded by examples retention survey cards
List of Customer survey responses with it’s too expensive highlighted in red

Understand why customers leave

We don't think all churn is bad. In fact, we think that most of the time it could be prevented — we just need to figure out what's causing it.

Build a survey in minutes.
No coding required!

The most important question for improving retention is "Why are you thinking of cancelling?". It's where you can gather feedback about your product and or your service — like onboarding experience, product value or customer service.

Colourful donut chart with cancellation reasons including price and product surrounded next to a horizontal bar chart with Top responses

Add custom dynamic content to your surveys

Custom, dynamic content is a simple way to personalise your surveys and make them more effective. Your customers want the survey to feel like it's just for them, and with custom content, they won't feel like they're just part of a generic pool of data.

Multiple dynamic survey examples combined with audiences they are aimed at such as Weekly delivery customers 42% and High value customers 72%

Key survey features

List the top features used when building customer surveys.


Get a high-level overview as to why customers are cancelling.


Create responses to help your customers tell you why they're looking to cancel.

Dynamic content

Content that’s personalised, easy to understand and relevant to your customer's needs.