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Our simple dashboard makes it quick and easy to see and share performance data.

Performance overview with colourful donut chart for Cancellation reasons above Retention rate and Most effective offers KPIs
Long list of Customer activity notifications with red, yellow and green status icons

Quickly spot and act on trends

Learn how to respond faster with in-depth, real-time cancellation data. Analyse customer behaviour and apply what you've learned across your business to increase retention performance.

Identify offers that retain more customers

You can analyse the performance of your retention campaigns to see which offers drive higher retention. You can also track how each offer may perform over time and use that insight to refine your strategy.

Highest performing offers horizontal bar chart with 5 offers in red

Create and set custom alerts

When customers cancel, accept offers or your performance levels change, the most important updates can arrive on email or Slack at the push of a button. Set your performance alerts now to ensure you're always up to speed with what's happening in the field.

Communication platform logos including Slack and Gmail, with a red new notification dot to indicate a new alert

Top performance features

The top performance features are always available, no matter where you go.

Save rates

See your percentage save rates in real-time.

Revenue saved

Watch your revenue grow as retention builds.

Cancellation reasons

Quick snapshot of your major cancellation problems.

Survey outputs

Understand the top reasons as to why customers leave.

Custom alerts

Get personalised alerts on all important retention events.


Upzelo works seamlessly with your billing and payment provider.