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Retention offers

Cut churn by up to 40% through smarter discounts, subscription pauses and custom offers.

Retention offer in a browser with Enjoy 10% off your next bill and a smiling man in a red shirt
List of retention offers with $10 off next purchase highlighted

Offers as individual as your customers

One size doesn't fit all, when it comes to customer retention. Upzelo helps you deliver the right offer, to the right customer and at the right time. Target your customers with personalised offers that increase retention.

Find the right offer mix

The Upzelo retention platform allows you to build as many offers as you want for your customers. Whether it’s a discount, free period, pausing, skipping or switching plans - Upzelo provides the technology to create these options seamlessly.

A selected option for a Single offer and an unselected option for Offers based on responses

We'll help you get started

We know that the most valuable subscribers come from retention. We've preloaded Upzelo with offers to make your campaigns successful, or you can use our fully-featured editor to create your own.

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Key offer features

Our top features used when building customer retention offers.


Keep your subscribers engaged with dynamic content.

Discount offers

Create one-time, forever or repeating discounts.

Free period

Offer customers free access to your service.


Instead of cancelling, customers can pause their subscription.

Switch plan

Customers can select and migrate to a more suitable plan.


We make it easy to skip a billing period and return at any time.