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Cancellation flows

Increase retention with beautiful cancellation flow experiences.

Cancellation flow steps including Audience selector, 10% off next bill and Confirmation message to finish
Three happy people, each making a choice of Pause, 10% off for 2 months and 20% for 12 months

Cancellation flows that increase retention

Upzelo enables you to retain and save customers by delivering the right experience to the correct audience. Cancellation flows are designed to focus on simplicity, ease of use and delight. Each flow has been specifically designed to increase engagement, LTV and retention.

Learn which offers work most effectively

If you're not sure which retention offers are most effective for your customers, or if you have only one offer to test against each other, we can help. Our platform allows you to run A/B tests against different offers to see which one works best for each offer segment.

Performance overview with 10% off, 20% off offer samples and Top performing offers KPI

Where flows meet audiences

We know that targeted customer retention tactics work and we want to help you find the right ones for your audience. With custom cancellation flows you will be able to create a personalised experience, building and testing different flows until it's just right. This will help ensure that you're finding the most successful retention tactics based on each customer's preferences.

Colourful horizontal bar chart for Top offers above Audience 60%, Survey 6, Offer 5%, Message 1 KPIs

Key cancellation flow features

Use our top cancellation flow features to help retain subscribers.

Flow designs

Create new or select from previously created flows.


Deliver the best flow to specific audience segments.


Select from a range of different cancellation flow experiences.


Navigate users away from cancellation flows, especially during cancellation.


A wide range of pre-created cancellation flows


Ask the right questions at the right time with custom surveys.

Offer types

One offer for all customers or match offers to survey responses.

Split A/B test

Test and compare two offers to find out which one performs the best.


Custom messages for customers or stay and those who leave.