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We help you to retain customers.

We know you've invested a lot in your subscribers, so let us help you keep them.

A cancellation offer Would you like to pause your subscription? overlaid on sample customer audience illustrations

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We made it our mission to help you reduce cancellations

Cancellations are a huge headache for subscription businesses, and according to our data, customers who have a poor experience with your brand, rarely return.

We've created a solution that solves this problem by automating cancellation flows.

Requests list including four items with red, yellow and two green flags to indicate their processing status and an Online cancellations 75% KPI

Personalisation. You do it for marketing, why not for retention?

Building personalised retention experiences for customers, businesses can significantly increase the LTV of their customers while also growing their customer base. With our Audiences feature, you can tailor the right message to each individual customer. Segment your customers by plan type, subscription age, location and customer value score to name a few.

Performance overview including Cancellation reasons colourful donut chart, surrounded by two surveys, one red, one blue

Acquiring new customers can cost x5 more than keeping an existing customer

Discover how Upzelo can start saving more customers and increasing your revenue.